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Christopher J Graham


Chadds Ford Travel suggested Huatulco, Mexico for our honeymoon 3 years ago. We had never even heard of the city, but absolutely loved every minute there! It was exotic, tropical, and still reasonably priced. More impotantly, it was someplace we never would have found on our own or through friends. That's the real value in using travel professionals like Chadds Ford.

Amy & Chris Marshall


You have done it once again. You planned such a perfect get away for our family. This was our first "family" trip together and it exceeded our expectations. You are so responsive and you listen to all our needs and wishes. You were so right about Disney, and one day we will take Mollie there when she gets a little older. Beaches, Sandy Bay in Jamaica fit the tall order for some much needed rest and relaxation for our family. The Sesame Street characters were fantastic for Mollie and perfect for her age (3 1/2). We met so many wonderful families and had a fantastic time. Thanks again!!! We will be back for our 4th vacation.
Amy, Chris, and Mollie

Lynne, Manalapan, New Jersey


Sorry it?s taken so long for me to get back to you. We received your postcard a few weeks ago and I guess I was just basking in the afterglow of my wedding and honeymoon. Wanted to thank you for everything. We had a wonderful time at Sandals. So nice to be waited on hand and foot. Truly not used to being catered to like that and I must say that I could get used to it quite easily. We were very pleased with the resort from beginning to end. We went to a casino one night, but otherwise spent the entire week tucked away behind the gates of the resort. There was plenty to do and we did abit of everything. Our room was great ? no complaints whatsoever. The food was great too! The only place we didn?t eat dinner was at Baccarat, but that?s not really our style so it was no loss. We had breakfast there and although it was very good, the wait was too long. Our weather was perfect up until the day before we left.

Although our room wasn?t ready when we arrived, once it finally was, there was champagne and candles and rose petals strewn throughout the room and on the bed and personalized notes from management congratulating us on our wedding. All in all, an excellent vacation. Coming home is a pain cause it appears as if all airlines leave Nassau at about the same time, so going home was a lesson in hurry up and wait in another line. We waited to check-in at the airline, we waited forever to go through customs, then another wait to go through security for a second time and then our flight was delayed by about an hour, so we had to wait again, but other than that, we?ve got no complaints! Thanks again for all of your help.
Thanks Again Evelyn ? I appreciate it!

Lyn from Massachusetts


I so enjoyed talking with you. I am so happy I found you on line. You helped make this even a more special Anniversary trip to the Tahitian Islands for my husband and I.
All the info is going to help us enjoy and be more relaxed. I also can tell you enjoy what you do! Keep it up you are great! Fondly

Sallie and Steve Rush


I want to say a big Thank you to Chadds Ford Travel! We haven't been away in years together! We've had a rough few years due to illness and chronic pain. Last weekend we went to Nashville, the overnight in Philadelphia(night before our flight) was a great selection, the people could not have been nicer and more accomodating, the transportation to the airport was right on time and when we landed in Nashville we went right to Alamo and picked up our car. (Evelyn made the perfect choice of what we needed). We were going to Nashville to see a concert but because it was a private concert, there were certain hotels where the bus would pick us up. But Evelyn thought because we would want to see Nashville and the surrounding areas that we should stay at a different hotel, our hotel could not have been in a better location. We were close to the airport, close to the city and 20 minutes from our pickup for the concert. Although our weather was all seasons in 4 days (hot,tornados,snow and the heaviest rain in the HISTORY of Nashville)(We made history!), we had the best time and everything was done for us! Again, Thank you so much Chadds Ford Travel!
Oxford, PA

Greetings from Celebrations Design Group!


I want to say thank you for a job well done!! I met Evelyn from Chadds Ford Travel over the years doing bridal shows together and came to know her services as reputable, dependable & value priced. You arranged a successful trip to the Rose Parade in Pasadena for the New Year 2008! What a wonderful job you did planning, which allowed me good visibility to the parade and to totally enjoy the stay.
Tom Covello, President
Crum Lynne, PA

Jim Kauer


We were pleased by your scheduling of our trip whick allowed us to minimize the hassels of our travel to Belize. Thank you very much,

Jimmy and Suzy

World Wind Honeymoon!!!


"You guys are Great!!! We can always depend on your quick response and friendly voices" Which is what a post states on here and I can't agree more! I work in Manhattan so there are more travel agencies then Starbucks if that's possible? Okay okay so there may not be Today is the 29 of February been home for a few weeks. I wanted to end the month by giving Chadds Ford Travel an outstanding rating which no one else can do on this date for another 4 years... We really had no clue what destination to do for our honeymoon. Friends gave their input but still not sure. I met someone for a meeting (who will stay nameless since I don't want to give him the credit on here) He was the one who said by all means call Chadds Ford Travel. In Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania when I asked? I had heard of, since I am a major fan of Andrew and Jamie Wyeth. We did a 3 1/2 week honeymoon to Italy, I wouldn't even say how much it cost, But it would have cost a lot more had we not listen to Evelyn. The euro is not the American's friend. We booked most of the tours,trains travel, drivers, wine tasting in Tuscany, on the lake in Como at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Carnival ball in Venice (we still can't get over nor the stay at the Gritti Palace on the cannel), Rome did all the things one should when in Rome including an outrageous pizzeria, which is near the Spanish Steps, Dinner on a roof top over looking the city (That Evelyn knew all of the above), which ended our world wind honeymoon ARRIVEDERCI!!!! Until we meet again
JJ and Eileen
Newlyweds in New York

Unforgettable Honeymoon!!


"You guys are great! We can always depend on your quick response and friendly voices." I have to commend Evelyn Spencer of Chadds Ford Travel who is a Tahiti Specialist for arranging our outrageous over the top honeymoon to Tahiti. While we did spend over $35K and could have spent $10K we wanted it to be the most memorable trip of a lifetime. After talking with couples we met on our honeymoon who spend almost or more then we, we did luck out with Evelyn's help since some of the stories we heard (some of the wife's crying) with canceled flights (travel agent not on top of things). They even were mailed out documents with air going from one island to another after the flight had left.
We felt that you do get what you paid for!. Evelyn's services and advise was on the dot with no or little fees. We took the non stop out of JFK and flew first class which was a true and wonderful experience.
The weather even for November was good. It was sunny and hot during the day while at night almost every night it rained. While on Bora Bora we stayed at the Intercontinental Thalasso Resort in an over water which had a window in front of our bed that went from the ceiling to the floor and each morning I looked forward to opening our drapes and seeing that crystal clear water. Is did come with breakfast daily. While Evelyn set us up we went to Bloody Mary's on night for dinner,the food, atmosphere and service was superb.We also went to Villa Mahana which like Bloody Marys was very good! A little different in the feel of the place.
Did the sunset cruise around the island, took the 4X4 tour and was able to get some really great shots of the island and the lagoon. Did a lagoon and picnic trip one day with lots of #30 sun tan lotion.
Then it was onto Bora Bora Cruise which went round trip Bora Bora and we went to Tahaa, Huahine, Raiatea which we got off and took the boat transfers to Le Tahaa was time for the wife to visit the spa Again!
We just did a lot of rest and relaxing. Had the meal plan which Evelyn said was a must here. Our beach villa with a private pool with openen bath area surrounded by a stone wall was all and more then Evelyn had described.
I wouldn't even tell you how much weight you can put on with all that french bread. My wife would kill me if I did. We did eat a lot of fish which was so fresh. We did a 4 X 4 and a sunset cruise here even with Bora Bora in the distants it is very different here. I did enjoyed swimming/snorkeling with the fish in their lagoon for hours.
Then it was back to Papeete for a few nights and SHOPPING! We stayed at the Intercontinental which was very nice. We went to Les Roulottes one night to eat Lot of fun, and the hotels Tahitian dinner dance show before coming back to reality. Evelyn YOU ARE THE BEST IN OUR BOOKS! But then you know it since we have already booked our South African trip with you.You've been there done it my wife said!! Is there anyplace you haven't been? Yes I am jealous.
p John and Flo M.
Long Island, NY

Di and Bruce


We are back and had a great time!!! Evelyn, you are an awesome travel planner and we appreciate all your hard work for us. Everything was perfect.
We loved Bora Bora most of all and would have liked to have stayed longer.We really did enjoy Bloody Mary's Restaurant. So glad you talked us into making reservations ahead of time since a couple we met at the hotel could not get in. They did say they didn't use a Tahiti Specialist and it showed in their trip itinerary.
We were glad your yellow page ad states you are a specialist since we would never have found you. I keep looking at the pictures and can't believe we were actually in that water!
We loved Le Pelchur and Alfrededo's on Moorea. My favorite dish the whole week was Mahi Mahi with vanilla cream sauce. I gained 6 pounds by the way on all the bread.
Thank you again for making our trip so remarkable. You were on the nose with sooo much of your information. By the way I did break down and brought myself black pearl earrings!
Di and Bruce
Wayne, PA

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